We will be open to new ideas and opinions. Everyone can feel comfortable speaking their truth. This will create a culture that encourages us to speak freely and from the heart.

We listen to understand, not to respond. We are patient, giving people enough time to get their message across. We must hear the whole message before jumping to conclusions with a response.

We create a place where it feels comfortable to speak our minds. We respect each other, knowing our views are valued. We admit our shortcomings and are not hurt when others help us with them.

We must have courage—to speak up for ourselves and each other, being honest with ourselves so we can speak the truth. We are assertive or gentle as needed, but never aggressive or passive.

We align our words with our actions. We walk the talk. We celebrate people who aren’t frightened to have a go. They may fail but if they do that’s OK because we have a no blame culture. We’ll learn from it.

We want to be an organisation that’s always learning and not afraid to have a go. We’ll share what we learn. We will look at our own delivery and accountability, before commenting on others.

We are building a community where everybody has the opportunity to celebrate their craft. We believe this will contribute to the greater good as we exceed both our own and other’s expectations.

We take time to celebrate achievements, recognising not just results but the willingness to have a crack at things. We want to learn from our mistakes by honest analysis, allowing us to innovate and succeed.

We care for each other and we show we care by keeping in touch. We should work hard to see things from other people’s points of view since we all see things differently. We will listen, not just assume.

Don’t always take things at face value. The person you’re dealing with might have personal difficulties. Give them the benefit of the doubt.

Everyone has something to offer to make this a better place to be. We can help ourselves by encouraging each other to have a go.

Treat each other as we would like to be treated. The starting point is to show respect, regardless of position, background or anything else.

The sum of our differences equals who we are as a whole. We should care for and respect all to ensure our whole being remains healthy.

We work in an industry where risk to people’s safety, health and well-being is high. It is imperative that safety awareness is a habit.

We will pause to assess the situation and the risk, before starting any task. If in doubt, we will not start.

We will not take short cuts that compromise safety for any reason. This includes profit, reputation, or coercion. Don’t do us any favours.

We will strive to improve our current safety governance.

We look out for each other and are not afraid to speak up. Our aim will always be for people to arrive home safely after work.

We believe that people are equal in terms of their dignity and worth. We should treat all people in a fair and unbiased manner.

We celebrate diversity and the collective value added by people of different cultures, lifestyles, ethnicity and gender.

It is our responsibility to create the type of community we want to be a part of. Leaders must create the conditions for this. Everyone reinforces it.

We must not tolerate unpleasant people among us. Petty minded acts kill passion. Everyone has off-days, but injustice must be called out.

Once created, we must care for the community we have. This means we need to be open, honest, trusting and respectfully transparent.

We all contribute in different ways and the merit of our efforts should be rewarded. This may be in different ways, but should be equitable.

For our community to thrive, not just survive, we’ve all got to go the extra mile. Each of us needs to see things from others points of view.

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